Factors That Determine The Bounce Of A Synthetic Cricket Pitch

Synthetic Cricket Pitch
October 25, 2021 0 Comments

As natural cricket pitches expert, have observed a significant uptake in synthetic cricket pitches for all-round playing conditions and for home and international games. While natural pitches are normally turfed using high-quality sports grass which take a lot of maintenance, synthetic cricket fields require minimal maintenance, sparing you both time and cash in the long run. The first step towards the right pitch for you is to research well what kind of pitch suits your requirements best. A ground technician or an expert instructor can help you identify the right surface for you and even advise you on its maintenance. The next step would be to look at the kind of field that would best suit your needs for the game.

Since most all cricket grounds are required to have a certain bounce because of uneven terrain, it is important to decide whether you want your pitch to bounce harder or softer. Most synthetic cricket pitches do not bounce as hard as natural grass but are usually available in varying degrees of hardness. If you want your pitch to bounce softer then it will take you more time in getting the ball to curve while if you want it to bounce harder then you will require more constant and regular practice on your part. The ideal bounce for any cricket player is between fifteen to twenty five yards from the wicket. If your wicket falls outside this range, then you should opt for a harder pitch.

Another factor that plays a vital role in determining the bounce of a pitch is the kind of soil and grass that you have on your stumps. If the surface is flat, then your pitch will bounce higher. On the other hand, if you have mud or clay on your stumps, then the bounce will be lower as well. If you are looking to retain the bounce of your natural grass, then you can opt for clay wickets which do not show much of surface marks even after hours of play. However, if you are looking to retain the bounce of your synthetic cricket pitch, then you should opt for stumps made of synthetic as well.

Lastly, you should also consider your playing field, the texture of the soil and the overall appearance of your playing field when deciding the bounce of the pitch. You will find that different types of pitches bounce differently on different playing fields. For example, you will find that clay playing fields bounce higher than all other types of cricket playing fields. Similarly, you will find that natural grass cricket playing fields bounce higher than all other kinds of pitches.

These factors are however not the only factors that should be considered while choosing a pitch for playing cricket. Apart from considering these factors, one of the main factors that should be considered is the size of the ground where you want to play. Different types of pitches are suited to different playing fields. For instance, you will find that hard court playing fields are suitable for adult players and less skilled bowlers. On the other hand, you will also find that Waca playing fields suit children and beginners. Thus, you should choose a pitch according to the size of the playing field.

Other factors that are vital in determining the bounce of a cricket pitch include the close-infield dimensions, the wide and the short outfield dimensions and the dot above the batting area. A cricket ground that is not adequately contoured will not only affect the conditions of the game but also reduce the running capacity of the batsmen. Moreover, the bounce of the ball will also depend on the type of surface that is used. While flat ground bounce depends on the rolling of the ball and wind conditions; wicket surfaces that are firm and even bounce due to the resistance of the soil. Thus, you should consider the nature of the game and decide the dimensions of the stadium to the benefit of your team and to your own fitness levels.

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