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Carpet cleaning equipment is of various kinds. The different equipment may be used depending upon then environment and situations. Among the various kinds of equipment used, there are some special types that are used extensively for restoring water damaged carpets. These tips have been shared by complete carpet restoration Melbourne – Australia, check out their cleaning equipment for hire on their dedicated equipment sale and rental section.

Types of equipment for cleaning water damaged carpets

There are various types of cleaning equipment which may be used for cleaning water damaged carpets. The main ones include vacuum pumps, fans and dehumidifiers.

Vacuum pumps

For carpets that may be soaked with water, vacuum pumps are extremely essential. The vacuum pumps can effectively be used to remove the water. These pumps possess high power and hence are used for removing all excess water from the water damaged carpets. One of Melbourne’s most popular cleaning companies – Yellow bucket cleaning Melbourne uses commercial grade vacuum cleaning equipment.


Once the water has been removed, it is essential to dry the water damaged carpet completely. The fans allow an uninterrupted flow of air and hence help to dry the carpets completely. These fans can also help in the circulation of fresh air in the area where the water damage carpet may have been placed.


Moisture in the carpets can promote growth of mildew and molds. In order to remove excess moisture from water damaged carpets dehumidifiers may be used. They not only remove the excess moisture, but also curb the growth of mildew and molds.

Equipment used to dry the floor surface

Once the carpet is moisture free and ready to be placed, it is also important to ensure that the surface is dry and free of any moisture. Moisture on the floor surface may promote the growth of molds underneath the carpet. It is hence extremely important to ensure that the surface on which the carpet is to be placed is completely dry. Often it is very hard to clean water damaged carpets, unless you get some expert in as it takes powerful equipments too!

Deodorizing and sanitizing equipment

Once the carpet is clean and dry it is advisable to deodorize and sanitize it. Water damaged carpets may often leave a humid smell. Deodorizing and sanitizing them properly can help in keeping them fresh.

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Factors to consider before hiring the services of a professional carpet cleaning company

Most water damaged carpets require special treatment for restoration. It hence becomes important to hire professional carpet cleaners for the job. However, before hiring their services, it is advisable to ascertain whether they possess special equipment to perform the task efficiently. The following aspects may be considered in this regard:

  • It is advisable to evaluate the performance of all types if equipment used by the company.
  • It is important to ensure that the equipment functions efficiently and completes the cleaning task in the minimum time frame.
  • It is recommended to evaluate the experience and expertise of the carpet cleaners before hiring them.
  • It is advisable to evaluate the kind of technology used by the company and prefer the one that uses that latest technology.

Water damaged carpets are difficult to clean. Restoring a water damaged carpet often requires extensive cleaning work. This usually requires the use of special types of equipment. It is hence important to hire professional carpet cleaning companies which possess and use the latest equipment to perform the task. The equipment can help in restoring damage and also enhances the life of the carpet.

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